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Data-Driven Team Due Diligence for Venture Capital

The Pera Board analysis unlocks data on the competencies of executive teams that we know lead to success. With our A.I., we benchmark your teams against 5.5 million professionals on 3 themes that are essential in the journey from startup to scale-up. We simply do this with 3 open questions.  

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Impactful team due diligence with world's only direct prediction of success in business settings, unlocked by the latest in A.I. 


Find out if your team has the competencies that lead to success before you invest, using only 3 open questions. 



Benchmark managing teams with 5,5 million professionals on their leadership capacity, commercial success and innovation capability. 

Pera Board Analysis: Decoding Team Excellence

The quality of the team is crucial to the start-up's success but remains a black box. We help you open that black box. We provide you with insights into the competencies of executive teams that are essential for success. With the help of AI, we compare your team against 5.5 million professionals across three critical themes that are crucial in the journey from startup to scale-up. Based on that, we then provide a gap analysis of the competencies required for the current and next stage of the start-up/scale-up, all while requiring less than half an hour from your team members. 

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How Does Pera Achieve the Unthinkable?

Pera's methodology is globally unique and A.I.-driven, offering direct predictions of performance in a business setting based on language data. We are not your typical self-test, personality test, or IQ test. Instead, our A.I. is trained to recognize the objective characteristics that set top performers apart from the rest. 

The Science behind Pera
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Get Objective Insights About the Team

The World's largest database of competency and performance data enables us to provide insights into three crucial dimensions: Innovation Capacity, Leadership Capabilities, and Commercial Success. We help you find the weak points before the pain occurs, shedding light on both the untapped potential and the competency gaps within the team in individual and aggregated-level reporting. 

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What other people say about Pera

"At first, I was sceptical about the accuracy of the Pera's board analysis. However, now it is an integral part of our standard investment procedure, and its accuracy has transformed my approach to investments and management team assessment, making me a more confident and well-informed investor."
"Pera board analysis served as a valuable tool to corroborate our initial assumptions but also played an important role in facilitating discussions within our Investment Committee (IC). The clarity of the format and the detailed explanation of various aspects were particularly beneficial. Based on my positive experience, I will not hesitate to recommend it to my colleagues."
"I love numbers, and therefore I think Pera is a great addition to our management team assessments and development programs."

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