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Generation Z loves our graduate recruitment method. So will you.

Make your recruitment assessments more accurate 
When hiring graduates, you need to know they are the right fit for your organisation. But how can you tell?  

No more biased CV screening, no more tiring phone screening, no more lengthy application forms and no more exhausting old-fashioned assessments.    

Pera makes it quick, easy and accurate to predict graduates’ success in kickstarting their careers.

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There’s no time to lose when it comes to graduate recruitment. Find out more about our unique assessment method and how it can identify the young talent your organisation is looking for.

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Why use Pera?

Our proven screening method allows you to combine high-volume graduate recruitment with personalised assessment. This means that you can quickly analyse many candidates and pick out the ones who fit your requirements – at the initial graduate recruitment stage. This reduces your applicant-to-candidate ratio. It’s cost-effective, bias-free and very accurate. 

How our digital interview works

Candidates simply answer 3 open-ended questions in their own words. Our proprietary software instantly analyses the answers, picks out the unique characteristics of the language and communication patterns used and compares these to our post-hiring 
benchmarks. Your personalised reports show you which graduates will best suit your recruiting vacancies. 

Pera graduate recruitment assessment
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Attractive to candidates

Let’s face it: graduate assessment questionnaires can be long, complex and boring. In contrast, Pera’s is like a breath of fresh air. It consists of just 3 questions that candidates can answer in their own words, giving them a friendly and personal experience that stands out from the crowd. 

Beating the bias

The Pera Digital Interview allows you to hugely shorten the application form or even dispense with old-fashioned CVs entirely. Our methodology has proven to be non-discriminatory and to drive inclusivity. This means that all young talent can get a fair chance. Students from Generation Z will see that you’re serious about diversity, so you’ll already be
creating a good impression. 

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Stop wondering what graduates want, start knowing!

We decided to interview a group of graduate candidates to ask about their job application experiences and what a dream process would look like, and the results show how they truly feel about it. These candidates' feelings and perceptions, whether satisfactory or negative, impact their decision to apply to your organisation, accept your job offer and even their relationship with your brand. In the battle for talent, on which side do you choose to be?