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Constant change.

If there’s one thing we understand working in recruitment and technology is that the landscape changes rapidly. We keep a close eye on developments to ensure we’re able to learn on the job and innovate at pace. Keep track of some of those exciting developments here.

By the time you read this things will have changed, but it doesn't stop us from being on the sharpish edge of new developments in the industry. Keep up with emerging technologies, trends, white papers and insights here. We'll do our best to bring you the information that keeps you on your toes at all times.

Featured Article

Entrepreneur Rina Joosten and Randstad CEO Sander van 't Noordende about covid, tech and attention

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7 tips to create a great candidate experience.

We already know that a positive candidate experience is crucial to attracting top talent. But what ...

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3 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) topics beyond gender and race for 2023.

Intersectionality, Social Mobility & Neurodiversity are the three important and trending DE&I ...

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5 Top Data Protection Tips for Recruiters.

Recruiters often deal with various third-party individuals and companies. That is why sufficient ...

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5 Tips to overcome or challenge a hiring manager’s bias

5 tips for recruiters who work for recruitment companies to overcome or challenge a hiring ...

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Pera | Are we still talking about Diversity and Inclusion in 2023?

Harvard Business Review concluded that numerous companies with strong D&I ambitions and skilled HR ...

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Four common questions about the science behind Pera

How can language provide insight into your personality and competencies? Your language is as unique ...

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Why Natural Language Processing is the best solution

How does Natural Language Processing help us gather deep insights about people.

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Recruitment fatigue

Most of the pandemic is over, and while we’re still feeling the aftermath of it businesses are back ...

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Featured Report

There is no Talent Shortage. You’re Just Looking in the Wrong Place

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