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The decisions you make investing in people will define the future of your business. Now you can make those decisions with confidence knowing they are backed by science, solid data and unique insights.

Insights gained from researching millions of people identifying the competencies that have proven to deliver success in jobs. So you can compare candidates with the best professionals in the market.

We are the only company ever that has studied the actual performance of people in their jobs, for several years.

Creating unique post-hiring benchmarks which continue to develop and keep getting smarter.

Recruiter perspective

  • Insights that identify the most promising candidate in a single personalized report
  • Confidence in long-term outcomes as people hired are benchmarked against other professionals who proved successful in the same role, job or culture
  • Reduce your time to hire from months to minutes. Minutes? Yes. Be faster than the competition
  • 9 languages and APIs
  • No barriers to dyslexia and visually impaired people
Pera Skope
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Candidate perspective

  • It’s quick, easy and you call the shots 
  • Find a company, culture and role that fits your strengths
  • Be recognised for who you are – not what’s on your CV
  • 9 languages
  • No barriers to dyslexia and visually impaired people

Digital Interview
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Three main reasons why clients use Pera:

Hire faster with Pera

Fast Growth

  • Job-specific matching 
  • Hiring for multiple positions 
  • Cultural fit and growth DNA 
  • Predict future performance 

Graduate Hire

  • Seeing the graduate potential 
  • High volume, quick screening 
  • Young potential assessment 
  • Personal report for the candidate 
  • Branded experience 
  • Mobile, personal, quick 
Graduate Hire Pera

Talent Development

  • Identify future leaders 
  • Identify key areas for talent development 
  • Uncover what competencies drive long-term success 
  • Benchmark against the top of the market 

The science behind the Pera Skope

One digital interview and you get it all

Discover how

Choose your benchmarks

Benchmarks are an important tool for measuring and comparing your candidate's competencies to those that have proven to drive performance after being hired.
  • Discover the competencies shown by successful young 'potentials' in similar roles.

    Target group: Young professionals between 0-3 years working experience.

    Use case: Graduate Hire

  • Gain insights into leadership capabilities based on leadership capacity, leadership ambition and execution.

    Target group: Independent of role, mid to top management positions.

  • Tap into deeper insights on which competencies are linked to commercial performance. 

    Target group: Sales and commercial-related roles, experience up to mid-management. 

    Use case: Top-line revenue growth, improved productivity.

  • Learn which competencies lead to a more connected and future-resilient workforce. 

    Target group: Independent of role and years of working experience.

    Use case: Growth and change companies, digital transformation.

  • Use our data to learn what competencies drive success in specific jobs. Combine different benchmarks to identify what job fits a candidate best.
  • Create your own custom benchmark adapted to specific requirements of the role. Tweak your benchmark using competencies that reflect your business’ culture and values. 

Additional features

There’s more than just 3 questions to our digital interview. Here’s a quick outline of some other features.
  • Discover a candidate's key personality traits. We assess six personality dimensions generating unique insights based on performance.

  • With over 30 years of research experience we have developed a deeper level of insight. We use short-term working memory games and abstract and logical reasoning exercises to assess individual talent.



  • Assess the English proficiency of teams/candidates using a single platform. Implement leading natural language analytics on video and text. Assess written language proficiency. No need for a battery of tests. Our simple digital interview provides you with a wealth of unbiased insights.

  • Manage transformation and optimise team performance. Provides 360º insights on performance drivers. Analyses strengths and weaknesses within the team. Discovers hidden potential and unconscious bias.

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