About Pera


Our Story

Like many stories, our story started with change.

As job candidates ourselves we'd all experienced the inequities of the recruitment process first-hand and it can be career-defining.

But as scientists, we also saw an opportunity for change.

So in 2015, we set out to challenge the recruitment industry by removing human bias from the decision-making process.

Diversity is not a box you tick. It's removing the box entirely.

Our goal is to make diversity something your company doesn't have to talk about any more

Using artificial intelligence to analyse human language we discovered that every person has a unique language fingerprint. A fingerprint revealing deep insights that can help us recognise human potential and make better decisions. 

Decisions that can transform business and generate the kind of human progress we will need to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Our Manifesto

Our values


A reminder that no matter how fast the world moves or how challenging it becomes, there's always a possibility to make things better.


Looking beyond what is obvious, and being open to seeing new possibilities through constant technological and cultural innovation. 


An innate desire to give everyone a 'fair go'. To see people for who they really are and celebrate the skills and competencies that make them unique.


Challenge conventions and create a positive impact in culture through innovation & diversity. Promote long term growth and happiness by unlocking human potential.


Pera HQ - Den Bosch

De Grasso Parallelweg 27 5223 AL ‘s-Hertogenbosch Netherlands +31 20 810 2230

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Pera Location Den Bosch

Pera office - Shanghai

129 West Yan’an Road Shanghai China

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Pera office - Sao Paolo

Av. Dra. Ruth Cardoso, 8501 Pinheiros, São Paulo Brazil

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