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Revolutionise high-volume hiring with AI

Accelerate and revolutionise high-volume hiring with AI. Hire high-volume faster and fairer without sacrificing quality.
Source more high-quality candidates, save time and hire the best talent. Always find the right fit for the role and the
company culture with Pera Talent Assessment.

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Reduce time to hire

Identify potential that your
competition can't and reduce your time
to hire from months to minutes.

Cost-effective solution

Lower cost-per-hire and improve candidate quality with an AI method for your specific hiring needs.


Data driven insights

Optimise recruitment with a data-driven strategy. Boost recruitment effectiveness and efficiency

Challenges of high-volume recruitment

High-volume recruitment poses numerous challenges. Sifting through an abundance of applications and digging through resume after resume, there’s a high chance that qualified candidates are overlooked.  These are just a few of the reasons why AI is the answer for high-volume hiring. With our Pera talent assessment, we help you identify hidden potential and allow you to hire for impact, move faster and stay ahead of the competition.  

Bye-bye recruitment bias
We don’t play games with candidates.

Save valuable time in high-volume hiring

Simplify high-volume recruitment by automating the application process and evaluation with Pera Talent Assessment. Pera can help to identify pre-hire quality in high-volume recruitment by assessing a candidate's competencies, cognitive abilities, personality traits, and skills. By using Pera in the hiring process, organisations can improve their possibilities of identifying high-quality candidates who are the right fit for the role and the company culture. Because of its simplicity, speed and accuracy, Pera allows for large-scale, high-quality assessment. Find the right candidate, faster. Reduce time, effort and money spent in your hiring process with Pera talent assessment

Identify pre-hire quality
Easy to use and fully customizable

Pera finds the right candidates, faster

With a large number of applications and tight deadlines, it doesn’t get any easier to identify the right fit for the job. Our digital interview offers you an accurate insight into candidates' true potential so you can hire the best. Integrate Pera into your high-volume hiring and recruitment process and hire top performers before competitors find them first. Want to know more about how Pera can support your bulk recruitment strategy and volume-hiring success? Get in touch with us.

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Candidates love Pera

Attractive to candidates

When it comes to high-volume recruitment, it's easy to prioritize filling positions quickly over the candidates' experience. However, with Pera, you can ensure that your candidates have a positive experience throughout the process. In fact, 97% of graduate candidates love our assessment. With Pera, candidates can complete a simple 3-question assessment that takes only 15 minutes from anywhere at any time. This friendly and personal selection process helps candidates feel more comfortable sharing their stories rather than feeling like they are being interrogated. As a result, you can expect lower dropout rates.


In Their Own Words: Real Results – Real Reviews.

“It’s great to know that Pera’s feedback loop continuously improves our ability to identify the best and most diverse talent for now and in the future”.
“Pera has enabled us to dig deeper into the unobvious characteristics and competencies of people.”
"Pera is making our decisions easy and promising. With a successful new hire, our journey has just begun, and we eagerly expect the remarkable contributions this new team member will bring to our team".

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High-volume recruitment, high-quality hires. Fairer and faster recruitment without sacrificing quality.
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