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Compare your candidates with successful professionals around the globe with our extensive global research tool Pera Skope.


Step 1

Create a unique digital interview.

Create a digital interview in minutes using the questions and assessments most relevant to the role. This interview can be used for multiple candidates, easy share on your social channels, website, email or mobile. 

Create a unique digital interview.
Step 2

Make your company stand out.

Customise your company’s landing page and thank-you page using your logo, brand colours, page layout and type. 

Pera software platform
Step 3

One Assessment, multiple insights.

Benchmarks allow you to assess your candidate’s competencies on a scale from least to most valuable. From a single interview (3 questions) we provide a report detailing a thorough analysis of your candidate’s competencies against your chosen benchmarks. For recruiters these insights will not only increase your confidence in outcomes but make your life easier.

Pera software 3 questions
Step 4

Additional Features

Start with three open interview questions pre-selected based on your chosen benchmarks (you can always change these later). Add further features like personality profiles and cognitive tests or English Speaking assessments.

Pera Features
Step 5

Send Invite to Candidate.

Once you have completed and published your interview, simply send it to your candidate and hold tight for the results. 

Step 6

Instant & Decisive Results

Once your candidate has completed the digital interview, the results will appear in a personalised report on your company's secure page on the Pera Skope or in your existing HR system via a Pera integration.  The report will clearly set out how your candidate has performed against your selected benchmarks of the millions of professionals we researched. . This analysis will give you the information you need to make the right decision. 


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Top 5 comments on the Pera Digital Interview from Candidates

1. Chance to express myself 2. Fun and creative questions 3. Personal 4. An innovative way to interview 5. No time limits