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Investing in the right people defines the future of your business. Access the Pera Skope and combine the latest in A.I. with the largest database of competency and performance data.
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Imagine conducting 5.5 million interviews before your morning coffee. Get all insights on someone’s competencies, personality, sentiment and performance from just one interview.

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Written language is like a fingerprint. It tells the unique story of who you are. The Pera Skope discovers patterns and human potential the human eye does not catch.
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Traditional job-seekers’ asssessment is history. Pera uses data, AI and language to reveal hidden human potential and predict performance in the long term.
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The Pera Skope includes interview – and performance tools, objective benchmarking data, reports and insights for you to make hiring, development and promotion decisions with confidence. The platform combines the largest database with competency – and performance data with the latest deep learning techniques to infer competencies and traits from language.
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Get insights that identify the most promising candidate in a single personalized report. Pera provides confidence in long-term outcomes as people hired are benchmarked against other professionals who proved successful in the same role, job or company values.
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Unbiased by Design

Pera Labs conducts scientific research with leading universities and research centres in the world. Fairness is our priority and one of the reasons why we founded Pera. We do not only use statistical models to evaluate if our methods are fair, but we also make sure that training labels are collected with great care.
Science Behind

How focusing on human potential is optimizing L’Oréal’s long-term performance​

An approach that’s ​more than skin-deep

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What other people say about Pera

“It’s great to know that Pera’s feedback loop continuously improves our ability to identify the best and most diverse talent for now and in the future”.
“Pera has enabled us to dig deeper into the unobvious characteristics and competencies of people.”
"Pera is making our decisions easy and promising. With a successful new hire, our journey has just begun, and we eagerly expect the remarkable contributions this new team member will bring to our team"
“Using Pera data, we have given our (operational) leaders of the future unique insights to develop themselves further.”
“Nothing you do as a business matters unless you hire the right people – that takes vision and trust. Pera helps us with this.”

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Revenue Impact

Revenue Impact

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Campus Hiring

Campus Hiring

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Cultural Fit

Cultural Fit

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Gender-Neutral Hiring

Gender-Neutral Hiring

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  • Language is a fingerprint of who we are, how we behave in certain situations and our personality. Language holds a lot of indicators about ourselves and we connect the indicators with competency, personality and performance data.
  • Yes. This is due to two main things: 1) the method and 2) the depth of data. Based on 7 years research and development we found the optimal between candidate experience and accurate outcomes. The Pera Skope assesses ‘how’ someone writes and looks at over 200 markers in the responses, connecting this to intelligence about successful professionals. Intelligence gained from researching millions of people identifying the competencies that have proven to deliver success in jobs.
  • A candidate must have a sufficient level of the language using for the digital interview. But because our benchmarks are created with both non and native speakers, we don't see a significant differences in the outcome.
  • Pera is available in 9 different languages including English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Mandarin, Simplified Chinese.
  • No the type of questions don't influence the outcome. Important is that the same set of 3 open questions are asked to each of the candidates. We basically mimic a structured personal interview.
  • We have a plagiarism check and when someone is copy/pasting answers (using the same answers) the entry is flagged and not processed. The person will receive a notify an outcome can not be produced.
  • We are ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant.
  • By studying successful people and teams in their jobs, we are able to identify specific competencies needed for a role. Developing Pera took more than 7 years of research and development. We gathered data from over 5.5 million interviews.

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