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Compare candidates on the competencies that lead to success by asking 3 open questions.

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Graduate/High Volume Recruitment

Capture the best talent before others do.

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Sales Recruitment

Stop hiring and firing to find your top performers.

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Venture Capital

Make data-driven team investment and intervention decisions.

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Used by global enterprises, VC’s and fast-moving recruitment teams

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Graduate recruitment

Capture top performers in an unbiased way. Guaranteed.

Problem: You’ve got no time to waste, as rivals compete for your talent.

Solution: Decrease time-to-hire, by recognizing top talent before others do.

How L’Oreal hired top players without selecting only people from top universities.

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Sales Recruitment

Top scorers hired with Pera deliver 94% more revenue than their peers.

Problem: 80% of salespeople don’t deliver the results your business needs.

Solution: Remove the guesswork, and recognize superstars before they even start.

How Atomic and Flynck recognize superstars that double their peers sales numbers.

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Venture Capital

Minimize risk factors and optimize the teams of your portfolio companies

Problem: You want to invest in teams that won’t kill your ROI.

Solution: Benchmark your executive team on the competencies that lead to success.

Explore our Team Analytics demo report for gap analyses on innovation capability, commercial success, leadership execution, capacity and ambition.

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Integrated with over 300 Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Real Results – Real Reviews.

“It’s great to know that Pera’s feedback loop continuously improves our ability to identify the best and most diverse talent for now and in the future”.
“Pera has enabled us to dig deeper into the unobvious characteristics and competencies of people.”
"Pera is making our decisions easy and promising. With a successful new hire, our journey has just begun, and we eagerly expect the remarkable contributions this new team member will bring to our team"
“Using Pera data, we have given our (operational) leaders of the future unique insights to develop themselves further.”
“Nothing you do as a business matters unless you hire the right people – that takes vision and trust. Pera helps us with this.”
"I love numbers, and therefore I think Pera is a great addition to our management team assessments and development programs"
"As a CEO of a circular economy startup, Pera streamlines our recruitment, saving time. Their insights aid informed decisions, crucial for effective team building. Highly recommended for optimized hiring."

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  • We directly measure the competencies we know lead to success. Our A.I. uses language data to benchmark team members to 5.5 million professionals in our database on the competencies that our data shows lead to success. This approach is unique and only possible with A.I., and leads to better predictions than anything on the market today. Because of our approach, we only require 15 minutes from team members. Additionally, we do not use self-assessments, which is common in personality based competitors.

  • Besides having shown strong statistical correlations in our 7+ years of work (see the science behind Pera), we have been able to strongly impact the partners we have worked with. High scorers on our ‘Commercial Success’ benchmark generate 194% of their peers’ revenue within the first two years of working, while other Pera top scorers are 2.8x more likely to be marked as top performers compared to their peers. More on this in our client cases:

    Commercial Succes Client Case & L'Oréal Client Case

  • Yes. This is due to two main things: 1) the method and 2) the depth of data. Based on 7 years research and development we found the optimal between candidate experience and accurate outcomes. The Pera Skope assesses ‘how’ someone writes and looks at over 200 markers in the responses, connecting this to intelligence about successful professionals. Intelligence gained from researching millions of people identifying the competencies that have proven to deliver success in jobs.

  • Yes, Pera ensures fairness by eliminating discriminatory information and providing equal opportunities to all candidates. The platform is designed to be unbiased by design.

  • Pera prioritizes top-notch security for candidate data, ensuring integrity, confidentiality, and reliable assessment results. We are ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant.