Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast. 1.4x Higher Retention

“We are always on a quest to find new perspectives on people’s potential. Pera does this for us.”

Title: Cultural Fit. 

The client  

A CPG multinational that wanted to improve the cultural fit of international applicants. 

The challenge  

How do you make sure people with different geographical and cultural backgrounds make a great fit? A powerful and empowering culture is a better indicator of success than strategy alone. In this case, recruiters are using multiple steps in the assessment- and hiring process to avoid the cost of a mis-hire. 

Pera to the rescue  

This client uses the Pera digital interview to recruit management trainees across 8 different countries: Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Hongkong, Brazil, Germany, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. For each country, Pera developed custom predictive models that analyzed candidates’ language on competencies that represent their company culture. 

Bottom line 

Almost three-quarters (71%) of that year's 246 hires scored above average on the digital interview. They also showed 1.4 times higher retention rate after 24 months than their below-average scoring colleagues.  

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