Predict candidate success

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Your use of language = your ambitions, personality, competences

There are great similarities in the language use of top performers. Their language use (such as word choice, sentence length and structure) reveals their ambitions, personality and competences. This allows you to create a benchmark per function with topperformers with which you can compare your candidates. Effective, objective and lightning-fast, with the help of AI.


For recruiters

Identify candidates with the greatest potential for your vacancy

Confidence in long-term results because those hired are compared to other professionals who have proven successful in the same role, job or culture

Reduce your time to hire from months to minutes. Minutes? Yes. Be faster than the competition

9 languages and APIs

No barriers for people with dyslexia and visual impairments


For candidates

It's quick, easy and you decide

Find a company, culture and role that matches your strengths

Be recognised for who you are - not what's on your CV

9 languages

No barriers for people with dyslexia and visual impairments

Create your interview in three simple steps


Create your interview online

Create a unique digital interview based on our suggestions

Personalise the interface for your company

Select a benchmark group for the role

If necessary, add more assessments, such as a test on personality, cognitive skills. Or how well someone masters a language.


Invite your candidates your way

Send the assessment to all your candidates. With a link, an invite from the Pera dashboard. Or directly via your HR platform.


View real-time results

Did the candidate answer the three questions? Ping! You immediately see the results on your dashboard. With automatic ranking. The best performers are at the top.

Discover invisible talent and boost your company's performance.