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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Pera?

Pera is an AI-driven talent assessment platform designed to help companies hire top performers efficiently. It utilizes data, artificial intelligence, and language analysis to uncover hidden human potential and predict long-term performance.

Why written language?

Language is a fingerprint of who we are, how we behave in certain situations and our personality. Language holds a lot of indicators about ourselves and we connect the indicators with competencies

How are the benchmarks created?

Pera accumulated answers from more than millions of candidates and over hundred of thousands of different competency and value descriptions and performance labels. We enriched the data with actual performance reviews and ratings received from managers and team leaders to learn what goods look like.

What is the output of Pera?

We predict a fit to cultural values and/or job specific competencies.

How is the data protected?

We are ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant (see our Security pages)

How does Pera assess a candidate's potential?

Pera uses a combination of data, AI, and language analysis to reveal key competencies and assess a candidate's true potential. By asking three open-ended questions.

Are three questions really enough to assess talent?

Yes. This is due to two main things: 1) the method and 2) the depth of data. Based on 7 years of research and development we found the optimal between candidate experience and accurate outcomes. Our AI assesses ‘how’ someone writes and looks at over 200 markers in the responses, connecting this to intelligence about successful professionals. Intelligence gained from researching millions of people identifying the competencies that have proven to deliver success in jobs.

Is Pera Digital Interview unbiased?

Yes, Pera ensures fairness by eliminating discriminatory information and providing equal opportunities to all candidates. The platform unbiased by design.

Language Analysis and Performance Study

What makes Pera different from other assessments?

We directly measure the competencies we know lead to success. Our A.I. uses language data to benchmark candidates to 5.5 million professionals in our database on the competencies that our data shows lead to success. This approach is unique and only possible with A.I. and leads to better predictions than anything on the market today. Because of our approach, we only require 15 minutes from team members. Additionally, we do not use self-assessments, which is common in personality-based competitors.

How do you know Pera works?

Besides having shown strong statistical correlations in our 7+ years of work (see the science behind Pera), we have been able to strongly impact the partners we have worked with. High scorers on our ‘Commercial Success’ benchmark generate 194% of their peers’ revenue within the first two years of working, while other Pera top scorers are 2.8x more likely to be marked as top performers compared to their peers.

What is the significance of post-hiring benchmarks in Pera's assessments?

Post-hiring benchmarks in Pera's assessments are unique and continually evolving, reflecting our commitment to staying ahead in understanding and predicting actual job performance.

Calculations and algorithms

Does gender affects the outcome?

Our algorithms don't process any indicators towards a persons gender. We have done many researches and proofed that we don't discriminate towards gender. We don't see difference in language use between gender.

Does level of education affects the outcome?

Yes and no. We don't see any significant difference in the language between a top tier university grad or a low tier university. Though the used normgroup is the most important influencer. When using a normgroup only existing of PhD students there will be a difference in outcome with a fresh grad student.

Does it matter if you are a native or a non-native speaker?

A candidate must have a sufficient level of the language using for the digital interview. But because our Plug&Play datasets are created with both non and native speakers we don't see a significant difference in the outcome.

Does the type of questions influence the outcome?

No the type of questions don't influence the outcome. Important is that the same set of 3 open questions are asked to each of the candidates. We basically mimic a structure interview.

Will longer answers influence the outcome?

No, it does not give a higher score. We have a minimal words count for each of the questions (100 words).

What if someone is copy/pasting answers?

We have a plagiarism check and when someone is copy/pasting answers (using the same answers) the entry is flagged and not processed. The person will receive a notify an outcome can not be produced.

Can someone use a translator tool?

Yes they can but it is not advisable. We look at sentence structure, semantical and lexical indicators of natural language use. It will affect the outcome in a negative way more than in a positive way.

Is it possible to mix two langauges in one digital interview?

No this is not possible.

Do you use video questions and are the recordings analysed?

Yes, we offer video questions but only to discover how someone is communicating and presenting him/herself. The video output is not analyzed with AI.

Candidate Experience

How does Pera make the candidate experience unique?

Pera provides a refreshing candidate experience by offering just 3 open-ended questions. This approach allows candidates to express themselves in their own words, creating a friendly and personal interaction that sets Pera apart from conventional assessments.

How long does it take for candidates to complete the Pera assessment?

Pera understands the value of candidates' time. It takes only 15 minutes to complete the digital interview, ensuring a streamlined process that respects candidates' schedules and reduces time pressure.

What percentage of candidates express satisfaction with Pera's talent assessment?

A remarkable 97% of candidates express their satisfaction with Pera's talent assessment. This high level of approval underscores the effectiveness and appeal of Pera's approach in creating a positive candidate experience.

Quality Of Hire

How does Pera ensure a focus on quality hires?

Pera's core focus is on quality hires, achieved through the unique Pera Skope method. This method models and predicts business impact based on objective outcomes such as revenue, innovation, and employee satisfaction, ensuring a holistic assessment of candidates.

How does the 7-year study on high-performing teams contribute to hiring success?

Pera's in-depth study on high-performing teams and professionals forms the foundation for creating effective benchmarks. This study ensures that Pera's assessments are rooted in real-world data, offering a comprehensive understanding of the traits and competencies that lead to sustained success.


How much does a digital interview cost?

Please contact us for details.

Can we pilot your solutions?

Yes you can request a free trial here.

Do you offer other assessments?

Yes, we do. Please check out our product page

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