Why Recruiters choose the Pera Skope over others.

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Building your employer brand

Pera can be fully customized by your company’s branding. With Pera, you can create a great candidate experience by sharing personalised reports with the candidates when they apply for a job through our digital interview. 97% of graduate candidates love our assessment. 


Candidates love Pera

Anytime, anywhere, candidates just complete a simple, 3-question assessment that takes 15 minutes. This friendly, personal selection process means they feel invited to tell their story, rather than be interrogated. No higher drop-out rates. 

Accurate insights on what matters to perform.

The Pera Skope continues to learn and become smarter by adding new information about post-hiring success to the platform. This method allows you to model the drivers of success and impact for your teams and organization at large.  

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