Pera: AI-based talent Assessment for Assessing Job Candidates and Minimizing Hiring Bias

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Eliminate Hiring Bias and Find the Best Candidates with Pera

Are you struggling with managing high-volume recruitment, minimizing hiring bias, and retaining high-quality recruits? Look no further. Pera Talent Assessment, designed exclusively for recruiters, offers a groundbreaking solution. Streamline your screening process, ensure objective selection, and enhance the candidate experience through personalized attention and feedback. Find out how Pera's innovative technology is revolutionizing talent acquisition today!

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Assess candidate’s true potential

Pera uses data, AI, and language to reveal hidden human potential and predict performance in the long term.

Unbiased by Design

Pera Talent Assessments ensure fairness by eliminating discriminatory information and offering equal opportunities to all candidates.



Pera ensures top-notch security for candidate data, delivering integrity, confidentiality, and reliable assessment results.

How Pera works

Candidates simply answer 3 open-ended questions in their own words. The Pera Skope instantly analyses the answers, picks up the unique characteristics of language and communication patterns used and compares these to similar people who are proven to be successful. Your personalised reports show you which candidates will best suit your vacancies. 

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Quality of hire: Pera Leads the Way

Pera's standout feature is its commitment to quality hires. With the unique Pera Skope method, we model and predict business impact based on objective outcomes like revenue, innovation, and employee satisfaction. Our 7-year study on high-performing teams and professionals has enabled us to create benchmarks accessible through Pera Skope. By integrating Pera into your recruitment process, you can hire top performers perfectly suited for your company's long-term success. 

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Convince your hiring manager

Pera’s detailed yet simple report gives an accurate overview of your candidate's competencies and how they relate to those of people who have proven successful in a similar role. 

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In Their Own Words: Real Results – Real Reviews.

“Pera has enabled us to dig deeper into the unobvious characteristics and competencies of people.”
“Using Pera data, we have given our (operational) leaders of the future unique insights to develop themselves further.”
“Nothing you do as a business matters unless you hire the right people – that takes vision and trust. Pera helps us with this.”

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