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Pera Board Analysis: Decoding Team Excellence

Avoid poor decisions today: get insights into the teams’ likelihood of success. Focus on 3 competency areas that are key to a venture’s progress. Knowing your team’s competencies is key to making good investment decisions, but obtaining this knowledge normally takes time. 

Benchmark your executive team with 5.5 million professionals on their Innovation Capacity, Commercial Success and Leadership competencies. Get a full gap analysis of your executive team, with the current and next phase of the venture in mind. 

Other Venture Capital firms such as de Bom, Convent Capital and ECG improve their ROI by using our insights to guide investment decisions, as well as enabling effective interventions on a team level. 

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Step into a new era of venture capital with Pera – where data meets diligence, and success is no longer a mystery.
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In Their Own Words: Real Results – Real Reviews.

"At first, I was sceptical about the accuracy of the Pera's board analysis. However, now it is an integral part of our standard investment procedure, and its accuracy has transformed my approach to investments and management team assessment, making me a more confident and well-informed investor."
"Pera board analysis served as a valuable tool to corroborate our initial assumptions but also played an important role in facilitating discussions within our Investment Committee (IC). The clarity of the format and the detailed explanation of various aspects were particularly beneficial. Based on my positive experience, I will not hesitate to recommend it to my colleagues."
"I love numbers, and therefore I think Pera is a great addition to our management team assessments and development programs."

Pera Board Analysis: Decoding Team Excellence

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